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Hallmark Metallica is one of the leading manufacturer of Metal Components & exporter and supplier of nickel alloys & other specialty alloys for corrosion, heat resisting and other application past 10 years.

Titanium Products

Titanium Products

TITANIUM GRADE 5 / Ti 6 Al 4V exported by us is unconditionally resistant to environmental bout, irrespective of pollutants. Where other architectural metals unveil restricted lifespan, our range of titanium sustains. Because it is the most noble metal, the connection of titanium with disparate metals does not hasten galvanic corrosion of the titanium. Its properties make titanium perfect for use in many applications.

It Withstands
  • Urban pollution
  • Marine environments
  • The sulphur compounds of industrial areas
  • Failure-proof in even more aggressive environments

  • Used in making alloys
  • It is the element most commonly added to steel because it increases the strength and resistance to corrosion of steel
  • Titanium provides another desirable property to alloys: lightness
  • Its density is less than half that of steel, so a titanium-steel alloy weighs less than pure steel and is more durable and stronger

  • Spacecraft
  • Aircraft applications, which account for about 65% of all titanium sold
  • Airframes and engines
  • Armored vehicles, in power-generating plants and other types of factories
  • Body implants, such as artificial hips and knees, because they are light, strong, long-lasting, and compatible with body tissues and fluids