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Hallmark Metallica is one of the leading manufacturer of Metal Components & exporter and supplier of nickel alloys & other specialty alloys for corrosion, heat resisting and other application past 10 years.

Cupro Nickel Rods

Cupro Nickel Rods

We are well-reckoned as one of the major Industrial Cupro Nickel Rods Exporters from India. Various national as well as international clients are placing bulk orders for the Cupro Nickel Rods as no alternative is available in terms of quality and performance. Additionally, customers are also facilitated with the availability of the Wholesale Nickel Rods at the most prolific deals.

The Cupro nickel rod 90/10 and 95/5 exhibit varied properties like, 90/10 is extensively used in heat exchanger application/condenser application and general engineering application. The 95/5 on the other hand is used in heat exchanger/ condenser application, Refineries, power plants, Desalination Plants, ship repair, ship building. They are produced according to the following standard and symbol of ASTM B111 C70400.

Complies to :

  • ASTM B111 C70400.

Widely used in :

  • Heat exchanger application
  • Condenser application
  • General engineering application
  • Refineries, power plants
  • Desalination Plants
  • Ship repair
  • Ship building


Chemical Properties (90/10) :

Pb 0.05 Max
Fe 1.00 -180
Mn 1.00 Max
Zn 1.00 Max

Mechanical Properties (Light Down) :

Flattening Test Redg (After "O"
U. T. S. Ksi 45.00 Min
Y. S. at 0.5 % Ext. Ksi 35.00 Min
Expansion Test 30 % at 60 degree Redg (After "O") -

Mechenical Properties Annealed :


U. T. S MPa 216 - 275 (Strip cut from Ring Tube)
% Elongation at 5.65 Sq. Rt So G.L. 40.00 Min (Strip cut from Ring Tube)
Flattening Test Redg
Bend Test Redg. (180 degree close)


Technical Specifications

Chemical Properties (95 / 5) :
Sn 0.10 Max
Pb 0.05 Max
Ni 4.00 -5.00
Fe 0.10 Max
Mn 0.25 Max
As 0.10 Max
Cu + Ag 95.00 - 96.00
Sb 0.01 Max
Bi 0.0025 Max
Annealed Temper :
Flattening Test Redg.
Grain Size at 75 x mm avg 0.010 - 0.045
U. T. S. Ksi 40.00 Min
Y. S at 0.5% Ext Ksi 15.00 Min
Expension Test 30% at 60 degree Redg. -